Lisa Smith, Executive Director for Syracuse Opera, has responsibility overseeing the organizations day to day business operations, which includes fundraising and development, financial management and future planning of the company. Ms. Smith has held various leadership positions throughout her career, most recently as Regional Vice President for the American Cancer Society. She possesses extensive experience in system development, staff management, community outreach and fund development. lsmith@syracuseopera.com

Board of Directors and Executive Committee


Chairman of the Board Garrett Heater
Vice Chairman Tere Paniagua
Treasurer Don Lynch
Secretary Sandy Hurd

Board Members

Sandra Brown
Helen Buck
Melanie Burnet Relyea
Stephen Byer*
Michael Connor
Lynn Eastwood*
John H. Fennessey*
Josephine Gregg*
Jay Land
Tarky Lombardi, Jr.*
Tere Paniagua
Amy Peitrafesa
Eleanor Peterson*
Graham M. Ritchie*
Stephen A. Rogers*
Hildegard Schulze
Martha Setter
Barbara Stone
Richard F.Taylor, Jr*
William W. Wakefield*
Sieglinde Wikstrom*

* Honorary Director +Executive Committee as of 6/30/16